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I grew up in a musical background.So being around my uncles while they were playing music I just learnt from there.

They call me selector Rapher's . I was born on the island of St Maarten. I  currently live on the french side of the island. I love different types of music and cultures. I remember chilling with DJ Menace on the turn tables, I said you know what I'm going to make a trade for my first turntables. After that I got my first gig. I started out DJing tunes and djing for artists on stage that was 1995,1996,1997,1998,1999. Back then the crew I was with was called "Lion's Lab". We traveled to Guadeloupe a few times for shows. We also took part in the carnival on the frenchside of St Maarten/St Martin in 2000,2001,2002. We also did a few shows on the ducthside carnival,with artists like Buju Baton,Sizzla,Jr Kelly, Bounty killer,Norris Man, Leftside & Esco. In 2002 the name of the crew changed to War Yard E.N.T. It all became bigger than we expected so we keep it going, The movement spread as far as the Netherlands.

What's up what's up this as you know or as your getting too know "DJ Ricky J"  live and in effect this is a little something about myself and my music. I am mostly inspired by Caribbean music but I pull from any music that can get the party hype basically if it's hot it's on my turn tables doesn't matter what genre it is. So stay tuned and listen out for your boy DJ Ricky J

DJ Andy B aka Lucian Mafia, has established himself as a mix master and spinning music that keeps people on the dance floor. With a solid reputation as a DJ, he has worked in Nightclubs, Karaoke bars, Private events, Concerts and Radio Stations. He started to amass his CD collection in late 2006, going to underground spots and backyards on N.Y.C to showcase his work.

Nationality: Current Location:U.S Genre:  Skills:  Audio Engineer, Music producer, Artist, Song writer. I was born on the island of Saint Maarten to a Saint Lucian and a Saint Maartener. Music has always been a big part of my life. I have journeyed from the Caribbean, to Europe and the US and met people of all walks of life that had one thing in common "Music"! I first started out my music career like everyone else, by listening and dancing to music. Growing up in a culture were  music plays a big role it was a no brainer that I would forever unconditionally fall in love with it. As I grew older I dug deeper and deeper into the love. I did not just want to listen and dance to music. I wanted to create it from scratch. My ambitions and creativity led me to become an artist, song writer, music producer, audio engineer and now a DJ. To this day I keep myself surrounded by people that share the same passion whether its family or a total stranger they influence as much as I influence them with the love of music.