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They call me “Slim“. I was born on the island of Saint Maarten to a Saint Lucian and a Saint Maartener. Music has always been a big part of my life. I have journeyed from the Caribbean, to Europe and the US and met people of all walks of life that had one thing in common “Music”!

I first started out my music career like everyone else, by listening and dancing to music. Growing up in a culture were  music plays a big role it was a no brainer that I would forever unconditionally fall in love with it.

As I grew older I dug deeper and deeper into the love. I did not just want to listen and dance to music. I wanted to create it from scratch. My ambitions and creativity led me to become an artist, song writer, music producer, audio engineer and now a DJ.

To this day I keep myself surrounded by people that share the same passion whether its family or a total stranger they influence as much as I influence them with the love of music.